Spotlight on Aryana Sedarati:
World Premiere of Sherlock Holmes & the Sign of the Four

The Tempest @ Pittsburgh Public Playhouse



"Director Kari Margolis put a new twist on the American classic with image projection, live music on the stage and the inner voices of [implementation of multiple actors inhabiting the roles of] both Blanche and Stanley... Aryana Sedarati, Elena Barone and Angela Borrello form the inner Blanche as they share the role with lead actress Anna Voyce. Together, they beautifully play a woman who’s on the cusp of redemption, but never fully gains it as the mask that hides her insecurities and frailties seem to hold her back. The power of each of the actresses had the audience wanting to see Blanche receive that redemption to the point some even willed it for her to gain it." - 'A Streetcar Named Desire' via The Montclair Dispatch, NJ

"Striking turns are offered by... Aryana Sedarati's coarse-grained Regan, [sensually impassioned] by power." - 'King Lear' via Lighting and Sound America, NYC

"Aryana Sedarati is terribly sexy, unusual in Vermont theater,  as the sympathetic and astute bombshell Izzy, who knows how to get what she wants." - 'Seminar' via the Rutland Herald, VT

"Noteworthy are the shipwrecked Queen Alonso (Deena Aziz), Prospero’s deceptive sister Tonio (Rami Margron), Alonso’s sister Sebastian (Aryana Sedarati), and advisor Gonzalo (Laurie Klatscher), who play off each other brilliantly in every scene they’re featured.
I should add my appreciation of the risks the players took scaling the stair-like backdrop – designed to resemble a rocky shoreline – like mountain goats, as I sat fearing one of them would take a tumble at any moment." - "The Tempest" at Pittsburgh Public Playhouse via PGH City Paper

Directorial Work

M."Macbeth is one of Players’ best productions yet... The strong, smart and striking performances of all five actors as well as

[Aryana Sedarati's] fascinating and fitting directorial decisions for this production of Macbeth prove that Players can hold their own, produce really spectacular theater and convert one of the foulest tales in Elizabethan theater into something truly fair."            - 'Macbeth' at Montclair State University via The Montclarion


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