is a professional actor, photographer, makeup artist, and visual artist.

Ary's a storyteller who likes to make things; they're just crafty like that.

Ary studied Acting & Musical Theatre at SUNY New Paltz & received their BFA in Acting from Montclair State University. 

Aryana specializes in heightened text, gender expansiveness, Middle Eastern politics, new works, and Napoleonic bullies with hearts of gold. More on that in Ary's resume.

Their work has been supported regionally across the United States by a wide array of cultural institutions.

Oh, and regarding pronouns, Aryana's cool with them/them & she/her's. 

In quarantine, Ary's become quite committed to these kidney beans she sprouted for Norooz.
Now, to fashion a trellis of twigs...

Aryana Sedarati

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